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Topic: Dj from home to big room
So we Dj's could playing a live set from home to someone's private home ,venue etc.without going there because of distance. And to be able to se the people in the room over the camera.that could reduce travel cost to. That could give more private gigs for small private parties. They could be cheaper because you don't need to bring your equipment. So we could work from home. I know that somebody tried before to do that forgot who but does no matter. I would like to see that in Vdj I think is cool .

Posted Wed 11 Sep 19 @ 7:54 pm
For this was no better time to make inside of Vdj to be able to se the crowd over web cam , What you think dj's?

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 4:33 pm
Can already do this I guess .. and there are websites that have DJs for hire like that.

VirtualDJ can already video broadcast to any RTMP server, or public sites that has such (Youtube Facebook Twitter etc etc).

So could easily set up a broadcast that way, privately for the venue/party to broadcast.

And to see the guests there, they just need to start a cam broadcast on any platform of choice, or call the DJ directly via popular video chat apps ;-)

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 4:44 pm
Dj in Norway thanks for your reply: I know there is possible to do that, but would be better to do all in one place to stream and exchange the cams between the dj and the customers ,would be nice to have all that in single application I mean it would be easier for everyone! You wouldn't need two streams at the time trough two applications which means more stable connection not two separate connection. Dj in Norway ( mange takk ) or tusen takk!

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 5:31 pm
Yeah, i see what you mean...

Maybe something in future, but this sort of thing would usually be more server and web based.
Such as the mentioned above sites that do exactly that. Lets the DJ broadcast to the party, and for the DJ to see the guest + chat.. Typically such online for hire DJ sites.

Quite a few such sites, and with 2020 corona probably even more ...

But sure, if it was all VDJ hosted it would be nice also, true ;-)

(good norwegian..hehe)

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 5:38 pm
Thats what I mean all in one package .Thanks man I used to live in your country long time ago very nice country nice people and I used to play in night clubs 22 years ago when dromhus - vill ha dig was very popular, crazy nights nice memory .

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 6:25 pm
Stamat B wrote :
drömhus - vill ha dig ...

Love that song ;-) still ... hehe

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 6:28 pm
Since I have left Norway never be thinking that I will play that song in public again but something just happened was on private party and was very nice surprised was few Norwegians and I have played this again that returned me straight to your country full filed with unforgettable memories. Any way I think that would be good idea for future we dj's should push that to happen I hope it would be good experience. But connection needs to be topnoch!

Posted Fri 01 Jan 21 @ 6:48 pm