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Topic: VDJ8 with DDJ-SX3
I know it use to be a post in the forum about how to config the SX3 with VDJ8 but I cant find it at all, so forgive me if this is a repeat post.

Ive been using VDJ8 with my SX3 since the SX3 dropped but Ive been blessed with a newer 2018 MBP and ive been trying to set it up to connect.

After hours of no success with the latest version build of VDJ8 I did find the 4517 build that use to be required for such I sure I have the mapping on my working MBP but copied ALL my mappers files to the new and still nothing.

Under the audio card within VDJ8 the tab SX3 doesnt display in the dropdown listing. This crazy thing is im sure VDJ8 has recognized the SX3 because i can control the decks just no AUDIO OUT the master output or headphones

ive downloaded the current pioneer drivers and firmware. I choose USE SOUNDCARD when the pop up hits but stil get sound thru the MBP speakers only.

i guess bottom line is how do I get SX3 audio from this VDJ8

please help and thanks in advance

Posted Wed 12 Jun 19 @ 4:07 pm

Posted Wed 12 Jun 19 @ 4:55 pm

Posted Thu 13 Jun 19 @ 7:44 am