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Topic: Troubleshooting Hercules Jogvision and VirtualDJ 2018 b4845 PC
I have problems performing with the jogvision, it just collapses during the set. It did it twice in a night for 3 consecutive nights. I downloaded again the drivers for the jogvision, reinstaled last version of virtual dj and last night it happened again. I see that on the sound setup i choose the jogvision option and when i restart the software windows displays there is a problem with the asio controller and the sound setup of vdj is on 2 soundcards.
What's happening? The usb cables are new and never happened with older versions of vdj.
Thanks for a quick answer, i'm performing all weekend and i need to solve it now

Posted Thu 18 Apr 19 @ 5:00 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Take care the USB port you use, Hercules (as well as other manufacturers) have reported they are problems with USB 3.0 and audio and they are really right!!
I also had some activation problems with Hercules latest drivers using MK4 and 4-MX and rmx2 which are using the same drivers in ASIO mode on most PCs and went back to previous drivers

Once it is working setting "audioAutoDetect" to "no" sometimes help with detection failure when restarting
Hercules ASIO often go back to 44.1Khz at first start and a second restart of VDJ reenable it back to 48Khz

And yes, 4MX problem was fixed using a GOOD usb cable, new one was bad quality

Other problem I saw on some Hercules controllers is unsoldered USB socket

Posted Thu 18 Apr 19 @ 10:03 pm
I have the same driver hercules dj jogvision and until the previous version 8.3 b4787 everything worked perfectly

Today was updated and started to work badly in the software, including delete the database that is created in the folder my documents and then restart the program, however this did not solve the problem

Then I proceeded to uninstall this latest version 8.3 b4845 and reinstall the previous version 8.3 b4787 and everything works perfectly again.

The latest version has a BUG!

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 2:10 am