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Topic: Video through sampler
HinkoPRO InfinityMember since 2013
For video mixing I am using samples that contain video. However when I want to play the sample on loop (because I want to mix the sound of the sample with the music video that is playing), the video of the sample become continually visible instead of the video track that is playing. I would like to be able to switch between the video that is playing and the video that is related to the sample, to have a visually more interesting presentation.

Can anyone help with the right command to switch the sample video on/off while keeping the audio of the sample playing?

For info: I have mapped the sampler (audio) to Deck 4 of a 4 deck Numark N4 controller.
I am controlling the samples from am Akai APCmini.

If you are not able to answer my question but have questions about using (video) samples with the Akai controller on Virtual DJ8, I am willing to help, for as far as my knowledge goes.


Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 11:20 pm