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Topic: Keyboard to manipulate audio track
Is there is any chance to be able to manipulate track like they do in fl studio this is the nice effect would be nice to see that happening in vdj if possible?
Example like they did in this video from 0:48 till 0:52 with the voice

or this one where Samus jay created this effect with woman's voice
from 0:58 to 1:01 min.

Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 3:22 am
Yes. For instance: Set a hot cue, and set hot cue play to stutter mode, and then use the key cue pad page to trigger it in different keys
Like this, where it's combined with the Pads-To-Keys mapping:

You can also map it to an actual midi keyboard like shown in the beginning of this video:

Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 6:40 am
Thanks man!

Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 1:04 pm