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Topic: Half loop with jogwheel

I'm 22 and for the last couple of years I've been super into music. Edm, dmb to be exact.

Anyway, I got myself a beginner setup with a partymix and virtualdj. All is going well!

I'm looking for some help setting my jogwheel (when loop is active) to halve the forward, as i rotate the jogwheel clockwise, then exit the loop at the end of the loop when the jogwheel spins in the opposite direction.

Here's what I got, loop ? param_smaller 0% ? cycle %jog -100 & var %jog ? nothing : loop_half 1 : cycle %jog 100 & var %jog ? nothing : loop_double 1 : jogwheel

It doesn't exit the loop at all, and halves it in the wrong direction.

I got that 'code' (?) from,

I'm very new to this, any help is appreciated! I'm not sure what the jogwheel description even means, I know a bit of C++ and HTML but this is new.


Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 12:14 am