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Topic: Rec mixes with ableton and vdj
BwhuDControlleristMember since 2008
Hi -apologies in advance if topic has been covered-heres my problem.

I would like to record a mix live in vdj 8 using up to 4 decks and sampler.

But if i make a mistake or want to to tweak a few things after i would like to do this in ableton live 10 similar to how you can tweak each track there.

So my question is has anyone done this that could explain how i route each deck and sampler to individual tracks in ableton to then edit (sampler not essential as i could run samples through deck or deck output)

I am using a ddj sr as my controller and soundcard .



Posted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 1:36 am
Before VDJ 8 was released, Atomix were going to include a feature called timeline - this was shown and discussed in previews before release.

Unfortunately Atomix decided to remove the feature without consulting users before we even got to try it.

Therefore I'm sorry to say that the best way to achieve your goal is to do everything in Ableton Live.

Posted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 8:40 pm
BwhuDControlleristMember since 2008
Thanks for reply dude-

Thats a shame as i love the hands on feel of mixing live with vdj scratches etc but also like the editing capabilities of ableton.

I did find a vid on you tube of this being done with serato and ableton however i think this is only possible with an audio interface with multi outs then manually assigning each deck to a track in ableton ? (I.e 2 soundcards in preferences)-certainly doesnt work with my ddj sr..

Thanks all the same

Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 12:26 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
You can assign a multi out interface in VDJ the same way.

However, try having a look at virtual audio interfaces. You may be able to create virtual channels and map them to the decks in VDJ. Then use them as inputs in Ableton.

Also, if you record your set with VDJ and the cue list option on, you will get a tracklist.

Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 2:02 am
Yes, you probably just have to get a soundcard with enough outputs to run all you decks and sampler in external mixer mode, and then do the mixing on a physical mixer. And then record the master out from the mixer - and all the separate deck outputs, if you end up needing them to fix your mistakes. This is probably the easiest to do on a second laptop

The timeline feature was more like how you know it with MixMeister. So that's another option to use.
But it won't let you mix live, and then correct it later. Instead that's all about preparing the mix and then running (and possible) recording the mix

But I find that I don't really need the raw deck files to fix errors in mixes. It can usually be done in the master mix recording. Especially if you notice the mistake while mixing, pause, do the mix again, and then cut and paste it together afterwards in something like Audacity (free)

Posted Wed 13 Mar 19 @ 7:39 am