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Topic: Crash and Missing Files
bucksbPRO InfinityMember since 2011
VDJ has been crashing multiple times a week, and occassionally will delete files on the hard drive.

How can I view the crash logs for the system, and what should I be setting the crashlog in options to so I can ensure it is being sent.

Posted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 6:12 pm
Crashlogs are sent automatically when online.

When you say "crash" what happens and what were you doing at the time.

It's not really possible for VDJ to delete files. What files are they?

VDJ version, Mac or PC, operating system?

Controller connected?

Far more information required.

Posted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 6:17 pm
bucksbPRO InfinityMember since 2011
"Crash" - the program stops, goes down for 30 seconds and resumes playing.

In several cases there were hundreds of files missing from the hard drive and I had to reinstall from a backup.

Pioneer DDX controller. Windows10 machine. Music is on a second hard drive from Windows/applications. Nothing obvious in Windows Event Viewers

Wondering why there are crash logs being sent, but no way to review them? Or is there?

Posted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 6:51 pm
We can't review them.

Files missing suggests some sort of hard drive failure.

VDJ should restart instantly in the event of a crash, not 30 secs later which also suggests a drive problem.

Raise a support ticket and one of the teamers will check the servers to see if anything has been uploaded.

Posted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 6:57 pm
A quick look at your crashlogs reveals problems with writing access on the hard drive.
Therefore I would suggest you to check the drive for errors using any tools available at your disposal.
This kind of error is not common and it's serious and it may suggest hard drive partial disconnection (at the best case) or corruption, or even failure.
The fact that files are missing from your drive afterwards makes it even more possible that your drive is failing.
VirtualDJ does not mess with your files unless you update information on them via Tag Editor, or select to perform file operations through the browser.
Even then, VirtualDJ works "one file at the time" and not multiple files at once.
On the event of a hard drive disconnection / malfunction VirtualDJ at the most can loose it's own database. Other than that it will not wipe out your files and/or directories.
So, it's most likely that your files "disappeared" first, and VirtualDJ crashed right afterwards.

Posted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 8:50 am