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Topic: Shader selection disabled during karaoke.
Shaders. The things I have VDJ play on screen between my singers. The menu to select which shader is active dissappears when I start karaoke. Is there no way to change the active shader during karaoke?

Posted Sat 12 Jan 19 @ 2:31 am

i'm intrested too in this.

i like the karaoke feature, but i also like shaders ... any way to get the best from both? ;)

Posted Fri 26 Jul 19 @ 2:36 pm
a list of audio only in background

or activate shader plugin if karaoke_iddle

was to propose the following :
 is_karaoke_idle ? var kshader 0 ? effect_active shader on & set kshader 1 : nothing : set kshader 0 & is_karaoke_playing ? effect_active shader off : nothing 

but this code is crashing my computer
depending on active shader :#

Posted Fri 26 Jul 19 @ 5:30 pm
thx for the hint, but i want to see my shader and the scrolling lyrics from the song at the same time.

currently i see black background with white scrolling lyrics if the song has a *.lrc file (no shader or video-skin) .... and if it has no *.lrc file i don't see the lyrics (of cause) but my beloved shader and video-skin

like i sayed - i want it at the same time ... scrolling lyrics + my video skin + my shader

Posted Sat 27 Jul 19 @ 1:48 am
ok ... i changed my video skin with the attribute > karaoke="true" < and now i can use it for the karaoke .... now i'm only missing my shaders in that ;)

Posted Sat 27 Jul 19 @ 1:55 am
a little addition to this would be the possibility to switch between lyrics and shader.

Currently every song (even in automix) that have a *.lrc file shows automatically the black background with white lyrics (audio and video files) ... it would be nice to have a switch for this, to hide the lyrics

Posted Sat 27 Jul 19 @ 2:22 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
In fact every file tag as karaoke are using karaoke video skin (even in automix)... it would be nice to have a switch for this, to hide the lyrics in a .lrc and next singer list when in automix and not in karaoke mode of course unless show_karaoke is enable
Already requested as far as i can remember

Posted Sat 27 Jul 19 @ 2:42 am
Any News on that? Is there a switch in VDJ2020 now?

Posted Tue 18 Feb 20 @ 7:46 pm