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Topic: Adding beat anchors automatically adjusts the grid to the adjacant anchors in BPM Editor
I think this will be a great time saver if you have an option that when you add a beat anchor in BPM Editor, it will adjust the beat grid to the adjacent anchors so you don't have to stretch/adjust the beat grid to the next anchor every time especially when working with non-electronic music such as 80's and new wave.

Posted Sat 05 Jan 19 @ 7:33 pm
OK I'll bump this, as it looks like it was ignored. Basically you're asking for warping (as Ableton Live calls it), where the audio is adjusted to match the grid, not the other way around. Yes, it would be amazing if VDJ did this - and groundbreaking, as no other DJ software does this.

Come on Atomix. You've added Ableton's Link (although apparently unlicensed). The next step is to add warping. :-)

Posted Sun 10 Mar 19 @ 11:37 am
Yvan JPRO SubscriberMember since 2014
Audio warping in VDJ would be a dream come true.

Posted 2 days ago @ 3:19 pm