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Topic: How can I prevent a track from loading on a deck that is active?
I want deck 4 for line in only. But when I double click a track instead of dragging it it gets loaded to deck 4. How do I make sure tracks only get loaded to decks 1,2 (and possibly deck 3 if I am feeling adventurous) without dragging them onto them all of the time?

Posted Fri 30 Nov 18 @ 12:01 am

Posted Wed 12 Dec 18 @ 9:33 am
Close VDJ then go to the XML of the skin you're using (I'm assuming it's a 4 deck one) and in the first line you will see nbdecks="4"

Change the value to 3 then save the XML back to the ZIP folder and it will fool VDJ in to thinking there are only 3 decks, meaning the 4th one won't load if you have the other three active.


Posted Wed 12 Dec 18 @ 10:15 am