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Topic: Virtual DJ for Chrome OS

Now in these days there is a new software for laptops that is not only conquering the market due to high performance but also for cheap prices. This is Chrome OS powered by Google. Sadly Virtual DJ is not available in Chrome OS. This means that Virtual DJ is losing thousands of potential clients that want to DJ but also need a cheap high performence laptop. Other DJ software programs have already put their softwares in Chrome OS. Eventhough none of them are as good as Virtual DJ people are using those DJ softwares which means Virtual DJ is losing thousands of dollars.

So will you make Virtual DJ available in Chrome OS

Posted Mon 20 Aug 18 @ 7:19 am
I doubt it

I also doubt that people who are forced to buy a cheap laptop, and therefore choose a Chromebook, are willing to pay $299 for a DJ software to put on their cheap laptop

Another issue with Chromebooks are that they are designed to be online. They can do some things offline, including holding some files. But DJs needs to be able to DJ entirely offline

So if Atomix were to port VDJ to a third platform, I think a Unix platform, like maybe Ubuntu, would be a smarter choice than Chrome OS

Posted Mon 20 Aug 18 @ 7:36 am
What other DJ software is available for Chrome OS?

Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox (those are the "big three")? I don't think so.

If "thousands of DJs" were desperate to use a cheap laptop to DJ with (which I doubt, if they have professional standards) then why aren't those programs available for Chrome OS?

Posted Mon 20 Aug 18 @ 5:26 pm
The only way I see VirtualDJ functions via a Chromebook is via the remote app controlling a bona-fide VirtualDJ installation running on robust hardware. Chromebooks use low power ARM processors currently and dont have the performance needed. VirtualDJ is compiled to run on RISC (X86 and AMD64) architectures running windows and OSX. The only feasible additional platform I would predict may be able to run VirtualDJ natively in the future will be the Linux platform. (and I would love that!)

see this thread: https://www.virtualdj.com/forums/223584/General_Discussion/Question_Concerning_Chromebook.html

Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 1:31 am
Considering there is potential for 4k online gaming to be run through a chrome web browser on a laptop that's years old (Stadia), this should definitely be possible in the near future I hope.

Posted Fri 09 Aug 19 @ 5:50 pm
Am i abel to use VDJ on Windows XP
Please help , Thx :)

Posted Wed 05 Aug 20 @ 3:33 pm
You're asking about XP in a ChromeOS thread!

Yes you can use VDJ with XP - if you run an old outdated build, which is not recommended.

Your OS is out of date. Time to upgrade :-)

Posted Wed 05 Aug 20 @ 3:48 pm

Please do not use a computer with Windows XP connected to the internet or USB thumb drives.

Posted Fri 07 Aug 20 @ 3:30 pm
Sadly, not even Serato is compatible with Chromebook, but for those Chromebook users, I would recommend a djing software called transitions DJ or soundtrap.

Posted Mon 11 Jan 21 @ 11:14 pm