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Topic: Need Help with 2 Issues Pls
Hey Everyone,

I just picked up a Audio 6 Dj Soundcard from NI, So I don't know how to do the sound card routing or settings using a external mixer,,,ie I end up using the shortcut keys & trackpad for playing. Ive tried.

Another issue is the same buy using the Z2 NI Mixer + Audio 6 do I do the settings using my soundcard A6 & getting the LEDs to work on the Z2 as an external mixer. So do I need to use the USB plugged in from the Z2 to light up as a normal external mixer would? Kindly show me the right way.

Finally does anyone know how to remove the track info via script for the new video skin but still keeping the Dials & waveforms . I have no clue about scripting.


Sean T

Posted Sun 24 Jun 18 @ 9:12 am