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Topic: Script School - Page: 2
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Ok why i love the loop roll plugin,

Back in the v7 days i used to use the loop based loop roll to mash build ups, what I'd do is mash the build up and when the track came to the crash I'd use a goto -8 to jump back 8 beats.

So anywho, i put a wish out there to have two types of loops, standard loops for... well standard loops, and loop roll inside a standard loop to keep it's own time.

And what do you know with v8 the loop roll plugin was born.

So you can have a standard loop and you can mash the beats with the loop roll.

Now looproll fx and the slicer are perfect examples of why you would call an fx without a slot, they're button based,
If you have buttons to spare you could just say this button only does one thing. And no slot is needed.

If you dont have that many buttons to spare you may wish to have your buttons run double duty (in one circumstance do one thing, in another do something else) like run loop roll fx or slicer

Lets see that script, and since you don't really need to see the fx on slot, (but need it on slot to query to get double duty) let's use slot 4, yes slot 4 you can't see it (on most skins, fruit's you can) but you can use it.

Ok we'll have 8 buttons double duty, if slicer in on slot 4 then buttons act on the slicer fx, if loop roll is on slot ,4 act on the loop roll fx.
And of course we need a button to put the fx on slot, that can be double duty too.

*edit; tiny note, there's a long standing bug with the slicer & loop_roll fx, if one is active you can't have the other (all on one deck)
Not to worry a simple fix with script, just turn the other one off*

fx on slot
effect_select 4 "slicer" ? effect_select 4 "loop roll" : effect_select 4 "slicer"
Is slicer on slot 4 ? Yes put loop roll on slot, No put slicer on slot.
Notice we didn't turn the fx on, the 8 buttons do this for us automatically.

Since we've seen how to make the fx select button double duty making the 8 buttons double duty is easy

effect_select 4 "slicer" ? effect_button "slicer" 1 : effect_button "loop roll" 1

...wait a minute, why am i calling specific fx buttons when i dont need to? Good point.
effect_button 4 1 would work just fine,
It would but I'm not a fan of loop roll 1/32th (too harsh for me and i like speedcore) so i would have the first button do 1/16th
effect_select 4 "slicer" ? effect_button "slicer" 1 : effect_button "loop roll" 2.

Quick word about slicer and loop roll buttons, I've used the old script (effect_button "" #) before pads were invented that was the way.
Since pads vdj created a few new verbs have been made.
Slicer [button number]
Loop_roll [button value].
Slightly quicker to write for us but they mean the same as old script.
There's more new verbs like this I'll mention them as we come across them.

Right i rarely use the slicer and when i use it i use the pad page, but i do use 4 of the loop roll fx buttons lots. So i have 4 buttons on my launchpad, always there and ready to go.

the bit i think nobody else does

The thing about the loop roll buttons is they are fx on while_pressed (non latching) i dont want that, i want latching (press on press off)

To have latching (lets say loop_roll 0.25 [1/4 beat]) i need to first query if fx is off, if true, turn the fx on & call the 0.25 button. If the fx off query is false (therefore fx on) query the 0.25 button, if true that is my second press of this button and i want the fx off , if not true (maybe 0.5 button was selected) call the 0.25 button.

The script looks like this
effect_active "loop_roll" off ? effect_active "loop_roll" & loop_roll 0.25 : loop_roll 0.25 ? effect_active "slicer" off : loop_roll 0.25

*edit remembering the bug we mentioned earlier we start this script with " effect_active 'slicer' off & " *

I've 4 buttons like this (0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) and they're great for mashing up, inside a loop or outside.
Notice i don't use a slot, my buttons just do one thing and i don't need to see anything on screen, so no slot needed.

New verbs
with this there are 3 ways this script could be made to work, the way above with "loop_roll (button value)" the old way (that i used was to query and set the loop roll slider [eugh not fun]
There's also "effect_beats"
All the same difference, the first way is the quickest to type.
Beats example
effect_active "loop_roll" off ? effect_active "loop_roll" & effect_beats "loop_roll" 0.25 : effect_beats "loop_roll" 0.25 ? effect_active "slicer" off : effect_beats "loop_roll" 0.25

* remember the bug fix *

Think of any beats slider on an fx like it has notches in it like turntable pitch 0%
effect_beats can accept either a value like above or a +or- value to move so many notches,
So if we were set to 1/8, effect_beats "loop_roll" +2 would move 2 notches to 1/2.

Enough for this one, not sure where I'm going next.

Posted Wed 13 Jun 18 @ 5:06 pm
wonder if you would mind covering this in your next post. I have three buttons on which i can assign three different effects, but i would like the knobs to control the parameters of which ever effect is active at the time.

So if i activate the second effect, i want the three knobs to control the parameters of that active effect.

effect_active 1 ? effect_slider 1 1 : effect_active 2 ? : effect_slider 1 2 : effect_active 3 ? : etc etc etc Can I use the term effect_slider 1 1 to indicate that I want the knob to control the first parameter of the effect in slot 1

How would I go about writing such a script?

Posted Fri 15 Jun 18 @ 10:20 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Sure but let me ask you...

You are correct in your assertion but the question is what happens when two or more effects are on and active on slots? What about if nothing is active?
How do you pick?

Actually 2nd question, what controller are you using? I can look at the mapper myself.

Posted Sat 16 Jun 18 @ 2:19 am
RanikiPRO InfinityMember since 2018
Hi Locodog,

Thanks for the reply to my 'shift' query...

I've got some further questions on this but I'll post them as a separate thread so as not to use up bandwidth on this thread....

Posted Sat 16 Jun 18 @ 11:06 am
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