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Topic: VirtualDJ8 Sampler Pad Deck 2
Hi all, I've been using this product for a while and this is something that has been bugging me and with all the research i can't find her an answer. When I load up the samples, instrumentals... my deck 2 (right side) is always showing samples 5-8 on all pads. Link below for picture.

How do I make it so that deck 2 shows the same samples as deck 1. This has been severely bugging me, your help on this is greatly appreciated - thank you!

Posted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 4:32 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
In the sampler options, what is the pad layout set to?

Posted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 5:49 am
When set to automatic, the default samples line up correctly. However, some of the other banks with more than 8 samples, do not align correctly. One of the Chinese banks that has 6 samples, is totally out of whack.

Posted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 8:01 pm
If you have 8 or less samples in a bank it should do what you want. I don't think the other comments are relevant to your problem. They seem to point to other unrelated problems.

Posted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 11:10 pm
My comment was relevant to the developer.

Posted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 11:47 pm
There are more problems with the sampler. Not sure how the developer would not know that since it is so obvious. Some I have mentioned otherwise seems a waste of time. I don't think the OP would know what you were talking about. If you want to start a new topic on sampler bugs you should do that. You should be able to find 2 or 3 with no problem. I said that that the other comments did not appear relevant to the problem that was asked which you admit. Don't know how the developers comment would be related either. So both comments appear to point to some problems that are unrelated to the question that was asked which I said.

Posted Thu 15 Mar 18 @ 11:57 pm
I posted right under the developers post, which was addressing the OP question. You don't have to understand everything, as it was not meant for you. Let the OP decide if his question was answered.

Posted Fri 16 Mar 18 @ 4:42 am
If the bank has 8 or less in it, then you should get the layout you want. Set the audio output to trigger deck. That will cause it to play only on the deck the pad is on. Problem with that is it lights up the buttons for both pads so you don't really know where it is playing by just looking at it. When you click either pad button for a playing sample it stops that sample. So you don't really have entire control over it per deck it appears. If you try to repeat the 8 samples by adding them again so now you have 16 samples, I don't think that will quite do it either. Looks like it gets confused or uses the name sort of and still does not allow individual control. There are also no distinct slots. The slot numbers don't always line up with the pad numbers. Removing a sample, changes the slot numbers for the remaining samples. Changing the pad layout can cause the slot numbers to change and then you will see different numbers in the pad and sample bank. Just confusion you should be aware of.

Posted Fri 16 Mar 18 @ 7:40 pm
duda_ceControlleristMember since 2013
Same problem here. Deck 2 samples assigned to pads 5-8 also showing and working as assigned to pads 1-4 as well.
On deck 1 everything fine.

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 3:52 pm