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Topic: NS7 help

I just picked up an original NS7 and can't get VDJ to recognize it. It shows as a sound card but that's it, no control. Am I missing something?

Posted Thu 28 Dec 17 @ 4:36 pm
Mac or PC? Did you install the latest firmware and drivers from Numark?

Posted Thu 28 Dec 17 @ 7:14 pm
Good day everyone, I know this is a very old post,, but I've recently come into the same situation. I picked up an original Numark NS7 and I can't get VDJ to activate the controls. I can get sound to come through the controller, it recognizes the controller in the sound card settings and I can play music to my speakers through the controller, however it does not read it for actual controls. I am running both Windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina. I've gone to Numark and grabbed the most recent drivers for both Windows and Mac, but still nothing. I've been able to progress further with my Windows PC thanmy Mac, as my Mac will recognize as far my Windows machine, but will not actually play sound through the controller soundcard. Any help on this old topic would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Posted 4 days ago @ 3:02 am