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Topic: DJC Buttons
Discussion about DJC Buttons

This Pad page offers the ability to use any version 8 Skin (that supports Pads) and have the special DJC Buttons (found on some old Hercules units such as RMX and 4MX) in the Pads section of the skin.

Right-click on the Pads to get a list with the available actions that can be assigned to the DJC Buttons.


Posted Tue 31 Oct 17 @ 5:50 pm
hello dad, i have the following problem, with this script and your djcpad:
effect_active? effect_slider 1: pitch
it only affects effect 1 which I pressed with button 1 on the console rmx. the other buttons 2,4,5 I mapped with your pad on other effects. with button 1 the line was written into the mapping by hand. are the scripts of the pad not covered by my line?
I'm in trouble in german forum because no one understand what I want.
Can you help a bit?

Posted Fri 03 Nov 17 @ 8:59 am