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Topic: Broadcasting / LiveStreaming Video Mixes
Hi all,

I have used VDJ to live-broadcast audio, but now I would like to livestream my video mixes. There doesn't seem to be an option built-in to do this in the VDJ application.

I'm primarily interested in sending my mixes to Periscope, Twitch or Facebook Live.

I suppose I would need livestreaming software that does screen-capture for the video. Can anyone recommend something?

Then there's the issue of audio. I'll be livestreaming from a nightclub, so the audio needs to go out of my controller to the club, but this inherently prevents it from being captured by the streaming software. Does anyone know a way?

I'm on a 2016 MacBook Pro (the one with the USB-C ports), by the way.

Thanks in advance!

Posted Sun 27 Aug 17 @ 7:37 pm
here is what i use free and very effective for video broadcasting to any platform

you will need to use the 32bit version to broadcast VDJ video

Posted Sun 27 Aug 17 @ 8:17 pm
Yes, OBS is probably gonna be your best option on the MAC side.

I use it all the time, seems to have a lower overhead then VDJ itself.

Posted Sun 27 Aug 17 @ 11:21 pm
i take back what i said about 32bit version on mac gona need 64bit version

Posted Sun 27 Aug 17 @ 11:53 pm
Thanks for the replies you guys. I have tried OBS and I can broadcast the video just fine. But there's no audio to it, even when using system audio capture.

Keep in mind I'm using a controller which has to push audio out to the club (this is the priority over streaming), so I suspect the master output from that controller is never captured by the OBS driver. I have tried the trial version of Wirecast and it's the same story.

How do you get your master-audio on to the stream?


(As a side-note, one thing I like about Wirecast is it can broadcast multiple places simultaneously. I can do Facebook Live AND Periscope all at once)

Posted Thu 31 Aug 17 @ 5:58 pm
In the OBS settings there should be a location to select your audio device. Ensure your controllers sound card is selected.

Posted Thu 31 Aug 17 @ 8:18 pm
send a output either Booth or master to the input of your internal sound card then set that as a input in OBS :-)

that's how I handle it

you may need a spliter if you controller or audio interface only has master output .... also if you connect to a house mixer it may have a tape out you can use to input to the internal soundcard,

Posted Thu 31 Aug 17 @ 8:29 pm
Thanks guys, I'm on a 2016 MacBook Pro - The controller does not show up as an output. On Windows I believe they show up as ASIO devices, but here on Mac, OBS and Wirecast only show the onboard microphone as audio devices.

The laptop also does not have any audio input hardware other than the onboard mic.

Any suggestions?

Posted Fri 01 Sep 17 @ 1:15 am

Posted Fri 01 Sep 17 @ 2:24 am
Found a software-only workaround!

If you go to your VDJ Audio Options, you can add a NEW output. Set it to "Master" and then select "Built-in Output."

This will add an additional copy of the master-output going over your MacBook's speakers, which OBS and WireCast can pick up. If the sound from the MacBook bothers you, you can mute the speakers without affecting the output.

Just make sure you mute the "monitor" from your livestreaming software or you'll end up with a continuous audio loop.

Posted Fri 01 Sep 17 @ 12:35 pm
Speedy53PRO InfinityStaffMember since 2008
Remember your system is decoding video with VirtualDJ at the same time as encoding audio and video to stream with OBS, so you may need to test the video stream at low quality (resolution and bitrate) in order to not overload the GPU and prevent video freezes.

Posted Fri 01 Sep 17 @ 10:54 pm
i broadcast 720p no problem with my 10 year old i7 and a amd 480 video card

OBS is very good with resources .. i would say upload bandwidth will limit your more then the GPU or CPU will.

Posted Fri 01 Sep 17 @ 11:11 pm
I'm running 720p video and using Wirecast to simultaneously encode streams for Periscope, Facebook Live and also a separate copy encoded to disk - That's three encoding streams plus mixing and I'm only at 60% cpu. Granted I'm running a 2016 i7 Skylake maxed-out MacBook Pro so I wouldn't necessarily recommend this on lower hardware.

The problem I'm having, like WickedMix said, is bandwidth. I've got about 1 mbps shared with a whole building and the streams suffer from dropouts.

Posted Sat 02 Sep 17 @ 4:32 pm
I'm trying to get my video output on virtual dj 8 to appear in my obs I have gone in to the source and clicked on window captures and video captures but I never see the virtual dj video output pop up can someone tell me how to get this right thank you

Posted Fri 13 Oct 17 @ 2:01 am
to make it work on windows run 32bit obs

on mac 64bit obs

Posted Thu 28 Dec 17 @ 11:11 pm