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Topic: Only 3 custom buttons and 1 custom knob
So, this weekend I bought VDJ 8.2.
I had an update today and am now on build version 3752.
I have 3 custom buttons and 1 custom knob on the skin (default skin, 2 decks) on each deck side.
Al tough in video (youtube) tutorials (Virtual DJ Tips and Echo Papa tutorials for example) about VDJ 8, I see they got 4 custom buttons, 1 custom knob and 2 extra 'Vinyl' and 'Slip' indicator/buttons.
And in the options I can only enable/disable 'SkinEmptyButtons'. No possibility to choose the amount of custom buttons/knobs.

Am I missing out something here ? :-)

Posted Mon 05 Jun 17 @ 11:06 pm

if i can give you a suggestion, forget the knobs for now and try vdj8out on 4 decks vertical 3124 AND EVERYTHING WILL BE A LOT EASIER TRY IT YOU WILL SEE? WORKED GOOD FOR ME SO

Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 3:45 am

Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 3:47 am
Hi djomatical

I do indeed speak Dutch but since we are on the General Discussion forum, I would like to keep it in English, so other members can still follow on the reactions.
If you want to react/contact me in Dutch, you can always send me a private message :-)

Thanks for you reaction, but that doesn't actually answer my question. What do you mean by 'download the skin' ? (I have all the standard (default) skins that came with the installation of VDJ8).

And why should I use the 4 deck-skin if I don't need 4 decks to do 'my business' ?
I want to work with the 2 deck layout (and in the 4 deck layout I also only have 3 buttons and 1 knob). In the tutorial video's I mentioned, they also work with 2 deck layout (with apparently 4 custom buttons, 1 knob and a 'Vinyl' and 'Slip' button).

Not a 'big problem'. I was just wondering what could be the reason I have lesser buttons than the users in the tutorial video's, who are also on VDJ8 and as far as I can estimate, using the default layout.
I am pretty new to VDJ8.
Not new to DJ-ing though , doing it for over 20 years of which digital DJ-ing for over 10 years now (started with PC DJ Red, PC DJ FX and 8 years Traktor Pro now). So I'm still getting familiar with the software and it's capability's (and how to get to certain actions I'm used to/familiar with).

The controller I use is the Denon MCX8000.

PS: no need for shouting (CAPS) ;-)


Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 1:14 pm
Some tutorials were shoot with a previous version of VirtualDj.
Since VirtualDj 8.2 update the default skins have changed in order to include the PAD PAGES feature, which led to some other design changes as well.
That's the reason you see less custom buttons now on GUI.
However, with the "PAD PAGES" feature you can now have much much more custom buttons than before, since you can create your own PAD PAGE(s) with 8 custom buttons each.

Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 1:23 pm
ow, OK, clear !
Again another 'mystery' cleared out for me ;-)

Thx Phantom !

Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 1:32 pm
Kristof St wrote :
ow, OK, clear !
Again another 'mystery' cleared out for me ;-)

Thx Phantom !

I've made a couple of videos on how you can do this, if that's any help

Custom Pad Pages

Using an Index pad page

Assigning "Fun Pack" pad pages to tracks

Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 1:53 pm
You can of course still use older skins. Some in the download area were made when VDJ 8 first came out, and are modified versions of the earlier skin.

My recommendation would be to download and investigate the skin V8 but by FRuiT - it's one of the most advanced and customisable skins.

Posted Tue 06 Jun 17 @ 5:06 pm
@ Klaus: nice vid's and well explained actions! Interesting ;-)
Will have a closer look to your others video's too on your youtube channel. Always nice to learn from people with much experience and knowledge of the software.
I am planning on customizing pads for one-shot effects, which I use very often (I would like to have a 1 button-push Freeze Delay, button hold flanger (I'm very interested in your FlanJey effect ;-) ), Freeze (cut) Reverb if possible (reverb kicks in and music stops, only keeping the wet reverb continuing (pre-fader so I can decide to fade the reverb out, always nice to create a beat-splash effect) and 2 gater effects (1/4 and 1/8 gater). But as I already saw in one of your video's it's accomplished by using 'Transform' in VDJ ?
And the SlipBrake effect also looks very appealing to me ;-) (I would combine it with delay, so the Brake effect would be delayed in the tempo of the song and slowly fade out, whilst mixing in the next song in the same tempo.

I'm not there yet, but I'm learning. Only thing I'm not very familiar with is the scripting. But I'm gonna steal with my eyes, if you don't mind ;-)
Thx Klaus !

@groovindj: Thx for the tip! Will have a look at the FRuiT-skin

Posted Thu 08 Jun 17 @ 12:24 am
hi guys
I'd like to know if you can assign one effect on a knob to two decksd

Posted Fri 07 Feb 20 @ 3:03 pm
Hi hopefully I'm understanding your post correctly in that you want or need more custom buttons ? The picture is my own customised skin that I use

With a bit of playing about with the code I just added a full line of custom buttons below the decks, accepted this is a 4 deck layout but there is no reason it can't be done with 2 decks - in fact you could probably have more buttons on that layout.

If I've misunderstood what your after sorry !

Posted Tue 11 Feb 20 @ 3:28 pm