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Topic: automix
i'm using vdj 8 for actual djing these days
but still use vdj 7 for simple jukebox/playlist playing
because it's easier to overview and manipulate the playlist

maybe i just don't know how to do it with vdj 8...

i usually prepare a virtual folder
shuffle it a few times, using a shortcut key combo
and engage automix
i can easily see what the next songs are

every now and then
if there's a request or so...
i drag the song somewhere after(below) the current song
i know exactly/easily after what song it will play etc...

is there a way in vdj 8?

Posted Sun 23 Apr 17 @ 6:56 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
See Automix Live padpage, It's reasonably popular [500ish dl's a month]
locodog wrote :

Automix Live brings most of the automix options accessed by the mouse to your pads

Access the search bar, switch browser focus, add and remove files, change the fade length, all mix now options, change the mix type, and more.

Less mouse work, more control.

Also there's a new script 'automix_add_next' I'm just trying to figure out which function of the padpage I can drop to add this new script.

Posted Mon 24 Apr 17 @ 1:18 am
Hi Matt,

Everything that you are doing is possible in V8.2, some things are even easier ;-)

If you take a look at the skin by FRUiT, there's even a special layout for automix that has some very nice extra features built into it.


Posted Mon 24 Apr 17 @ 10:51 am
thank you for all the replies
i tried all suggestions
but still not getting what i need

let's say
i have a couple thousand songs on the automix playlist
shuffle engaged
after automix played a few songs
i decide to insert a new song 7 songs later

how can i figure out which is the 7th song?
or even more...
what are the next 7 songs?

Posted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 8:15 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Instead of activating shuffle, just use shuffle once. You can then manually shuffle and then rearrange the list and play it in the order you see.

Posted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 8:30 am