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No wonder you guy are great you have solved most of these problems,the two main things I noticed that will affect me are beatgriding and mic effects I' m taking 1 hr to beatgrid a 4 minute song ,but Im able to do it so Im thankful,Mic efect issue is because I have an entry level controller i believe so no worries

Posted Wed 05 Apr 17 @ 11:52 am
Shouldn't take an hour to grid a track.

How are you doing it exactly??

Posted Wed 05 Apr 17 @ 7:44 pm
every 4 bars or blocks, but Motown songs with variable speeds every 16 or 32

Posted Sun 09 Apr 17 @ 11:00 pm
Save yourself some time and consider using Ableton Live to warp your old "variable BPM" tracks (straighten them out to one fixed tempo).

You will be able to warp one track in much less than an hour.

In most cases, Live will put in all the markers and straighten the tempo itself, with very little intervention from you.

Oh, as this is the wishes area - I wish Virtual DJ could do this.

Posted Thu 13 Apr 17 @ 5:11 pm
thx groovin and surgeon

Posted Tue 08 Oct 19 @ 6:04 pm
Ableton Live has a few different versions and the cheapest one is £75

A bit steep to warp a few songs!

Posted Tue 08 Oct 19 @ 6:22 pm
It's only taken him two years to reply!

The thing to remember is that AFAIK no DJ software yet exists that warps tracks in the same reliable way.

That's one reason why DJs use Ableton Live. Other than the warping it's practically useless as DJ software. It's a DAW. It doesn't work like DJ software, yet people do use it as such, primarily for the warping.

If you need the feature, there's only one place to get it.

This is what I keep saying to Atomix on here, every time the subject comes up. If they were the first to introduce Ableton Live style warping to proper DJ software, I think it would be the ultimate killer feature that the competition would be flabergasted by.

Posted Tue 08 Oct 19 @ 7:19 pm
I don't really see the benefit of it though.

I guess if you're completely OCD or you *have* to mix older music together there would be a benefit, but like harmonic mixing it's completely passed me by.

Personally I have a button mapped which "chops" the current track and brings in the new track at the same BPM with an echo trail from the old one. That works for me when putting older tracks together rather than clinically beat matching them. But in saying that if I knew the beat was perfect it may make me mix them after all?

Posted Tue 08 Oct 19 @ 7:23 pm
Oh don't get me wrong. I've not spent years warping every single one of my old tracks...

I have used it though when I've needed to. Someone wants me to put together a mix of old tracks, or just for my own convenience that I want to mix a particular oldie on a regular basis.

Most of my gigs I don't bother with mixing at all. As long as I play the right tracks for the crowd, they generally couldn't give a stuff if they're mixed.

It is a flipping useful thing for DJ software to do though, IMO. Even when just using loops or effects.

Posted Tue 08 Oct 19 @ 7:31 pm