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Topic: HotCuesNLoops

Posted Thu 02 Jun 16 @ 11:22 am
Hi Phantom

I downloaded your HotCuesNLoops.
How do I get PAD 7 and PAD 8 to color green when a loop is saved on these pads ? (I'm gonna reserve pad 7 for 'loop 1' & pad 8 for 'loop 2').
Also, how do I configure my controller pads to function as following:

* push pad 7 -> music jumps direct to loop 1 and play the loop (and LED is blinking while loop is playing). When I push pad 7 again, music goes out of loop (and LED is green again (not blinking))

* push SHIFT + pad 7 -> the loop is activated (and LED starts blinking) but music keeps playing until it reaches the loop-part and from then on it stays in loop (until I push pad 7 again to go out of loop)

Posted Fri 23 Jun 17 @ 7:30 pm
Never mind about the pad coloring green, figured that one out :-)

Posted Fri 23 Jun 17 @ 8:55 pm
Euhm ... nobody ?

Posted Fri 30 Jun 17 @ 7:05 pm
The HotCuesNLoops pads extension is amazing...
I'd been struggling for days to try to get VDJ8 to function as I wanted with the DDJ-800 and this extension helped to solve almost all of the issues I was trying to overcomer in this thread:
The best solution I've found so far is...



SETTINGS | OPTIONS | nonColoredPoi = No Color


Action: var 'linech' ? nothing : pad_page 'saved loops'
(as described before this remapps SHIFT+HOTCUE/KEYBOARD to access 'saved loops' so hotcue button -> hotecues and shift+hotcue -> Saved Loops

Action: holding ? pad_page 'HotCuesNLoops': var 'linech' ? nothing : pad_page 'hotcues'
(this will remap a long hold on hotcue to open the 'HotCuesNLoops' pads instead of the the completely unnecessary 'DDJ-800 Settings' pads.

MAPPING | 'your custom mapping name' | SAVE (floppy disk icon)

The the above changes made VDJ8 function (almost) exactly how I want:
...HotCue button switches to 'hotcue' pads
...Shift+HotCue button switches to 'saved loops' pads
...'Long-Hold' Hotcue switches to 'HotCueNLoops' pads
...display both your hot cues and saved loops in one set of pads,
...store and delete hot cues per normal,
...store an active loop as an hot loop (within saved loops) by simply pressing an empty HotCuesNLoops pad
...pressing the hot loop button once, turns one the saved loop, a second press exits the loop, and a long press deletes the saved loop
...and non of this requires opening the POI editor when mixing on the fly!

This is (almost) perfect...
The remaining problems I have are:

A) You still need to use the POI Editor if you want to assign colors to your HotCueNLoad pads to distinguish between cues and loops and unfortunately

B) the default action for the 'PAGE -' and 'PAGE+' buttons in HotCueNLoad pads to to scrolling through each pads (when I'd prefer that 'PAGE-' would access PADS 1-8 and 'PAGE+' would access PADS 9-16.

1. Does anyone know how change HotCuesNLoops pads page button functions? Is that something that can be changed in the Controller mapping settings or is that a change that would need to be made to the HotCuesNLoops settings in the PAD Editor?

2. Does anyone know of a way to automatically assign the HotCueNLoads pads a certain color if they're a HotCue vs a different color if they're a SavedLoop?

I'm new to the platform, but other than these two outstanding issues... I'm really liking VDJ8. Thank you for your assistance. ~et

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 9:11 am