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PhantomDeejay wrote :
Discussion about SilverSleek2

Original Skin Forums topic is HERE

2015-04-29 Version 2.11:
Initial Release
2015-05-09 Version 2.12:
Fixed bug on clock and other text zones not rendering correctly on MAC
Fixed bug on Master VU-meter in top bar view. VU-meter will not be visible with external mixer setup anymore.
Added "Auto Cover/Digital" and "Auto Cover/Custom" options on jogs
Added Support for Pioneer DDJ-SP1 and DDJ-SR
Added option to always force 2nd HOTCUE layer to be hotcues 9-16
2015-05-21 Version 2.13:
Fixed bug when forcing Hotcues 9-16
Added second browser "Command Bar" toolbox alongside the custom buttons toolbox. The "search" actions require software build 2276 or greater.
2015-09-07 Version 2.15:
Added new 2 Decks Layout: "Essentials". Mainly for use with a controller connected.
Redesigned "Full Audio Mixer" central panel
Added Beat or Bars counter on scratch waveforms (optional)
Added 32 or 64 beat markers on progress waveforms
LCD font for decks is now included inside the zip in case it's missing from your system and you want to instal it
Minor bug fixes
2015-09-09 Version 2.16:
Added BeatKeeper on all views
Added 4 Decks Full Audio Mixer
Fixed an issue when selecting effects on slots
2016-02-11 Version 2.18:
Added optional Freestyler8 DMX control interface on top bar
Added cue and loop colors on pads
Added colored markers on progress waveforms
Fixed a few bugs with some padmodes
2016-02-24 Version 2.19:
Added new 2 decks layout "Phantom"

gracias el mejor skin que e usado pero lo podrias hacer mas grande los botones ruedas creo que esta demasiado pequeno te lo agrdeceria en el alma gracias

Posted Sat 15 Oct 16 @ 11:28 pm