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Topic: V8 but by FRUiT - Page: 1
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Posted Tue 07 Oct 14 @ 5:21 am
What the....... ?

Posted Tue 07 Oct 14 @ 6:28 am
jbezzPRO InfinityMember since 2010
So what is the latest version of your skin? I only see 1.0 now. Is that the most recent?

Posted Tue 07 Oct 14 @ 8:13 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
There's a mistake on the version number, yes.

Actual version is 0.6.

Posted Tue 07 Oct 14 @ 8:24 am
fruit i have a few questions. i just downloaded your skin & im luving the big browser mode. right now i have the XML file open using Notepad ++ there is a few things i wanna change to your skin i downloaded. i know how i just need to no what line its on so i dont have to read through the whole entire xml to change something. 1st i want to change the clock as in right now when i open the skin it says 19:28 how i want it defaulted to show 7:28pm without me having to click on it all the tyme. 2nd in the browser the color scroll bar is like an light grey. i wanna change it to another color that stands out while im scrolling through my songs in the browser area thanx for any input

Posted Tue 07 Oct 14 @ 9:30 pm
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Hello tyme :)

Line ~1585 you may read :

<textzone resetcounter="true">
<pos x="-100" y="+4"/>
<size width="200" height="29"/>
<tooltip>CLOCK\nClick to toggle between 24hour clock and am/pm</tooltip>
<text size="28" color="#aaaaaa" align="right" weight="bold" format="%hour"/>
<text2 size="28" color="#aaaaaa" align="right" weight="bold" format="%hour12"/>

You would need to put the "12" number on the first <text/> line and remove it from the 2nd (<text2/>).

Note : This is part of the feature "Skin now remember its state" so it will be improved to keep your settings in the next update (0.7) so if you want you may just wait for the new version.

what about the scrollbar color ? Is it too light ? too dark ? Explain me that a little bit more please !

Posted Sun 12 Oct 14 @ 3:55 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Also a small trick :

When you want to mod any widget you see on screen, read its tooltip, and then search for a part of that tooltip string in notepad++, most of the tyme (lol) you'll find it directly.

Clock example :
Searh for the string "am/pm" or "toggle between 24hour" and notepad++ will jump to the good textzone.

Posted Sun 12 Oct 14 @ 4:00 am
Cool thanx. As for the scroll bar.its to light. Grey. I want it like green,light blue,etc,etc

Posted Sun 12 Oct 14 @ 7:29 pm
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
So, line ~5485 you will find three defines :

- browser_constant
- browser_stripes
- browser_day

In each you'll find a <scrollbars/> tag, containing two colors (one for the background, the other for the foreground).

Just play with those colors.

Posted Mon 13 Oct 14 @ 4:53 am
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Loving this skin :) And so many options/features too. Thank you for creating it. I think I am gonna be sticking with this one for a very long time. Hi5

Posted Wed 15 Oct 14 @ 4:33 am
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Oh one little thing, I am so used to the vdj 7 Ergo K skin, and it has text for each deck that says "master" which is highlighted whichever deck is the master. Is there anyway to include that in an update of this skin? I know it's not really needed as I can set it manually via my console but sometimes a visual on the screen is helpful.

I do have VDJ set up to make the current deck the master deck anyway, but there are occasions when I need to change the other deck to master. Again, just a little visual would be nice :) Many thanks.


Posted Wed 15 Oct 14 @ 4:37 am
Loving the skin Sir :)
One question regarding the 'Show limiter' option. Where does it show it ??

Posted Sun 19 Oct 14 @ 5:57 pm
good addon

Posted Mon 20 Oct 14 @ 12:07 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
zephran wrote :
Loving the skin Sir :)
One question regarding the 'Show limiter' option. Where does it show it ??

The master vu peak goes larger when limiter kicks in.

Posted Mon 20 Oct 14 @ 1:17 am
dj_julienPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2006
Nice skin,

Have a look to the browser icon for video already read ;-)

Posted Fri 24 Oct 14 @ 5:32 pm
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I know but unfortunately video files dont have a dedicated browser icon.

Posted Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 5:48 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
-- 0.3 --
- better visual handling of swapped / mirrored decks
- tons of visual details adjusted
- 'clone deck' bug fixed
- double-able waveform's height
- timecode options (bypass, absolute, relative, smart)

Posted Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 5:50 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
-- 0.4 --
- new 'inverted no grid' form style
- new 'normal browser' view in jukebox
- much less forms resets when toggling stances
- key infos in key panel
- contrasted red and dark icon for played songs
- can loop up to 256
- can hide BPM (show pitch % intead)
- can show eq's in scratchmixer
- can show doubled waves in both jukeboxes
- can monitor gains
- can monitor next cue infos (click on bitrate stat in deck's screen)
- can show phraser on jogwheels (2 sizes)
- customized crossfader curves (dipped, linear)
- flatten-able seek buttons
- jukeboxes minidecks improved / revamped
- beat phaser visual (in progress)
- up to 4 effect slots per deck / more controls
- up to 9 hot cue points with timers
- larger cover art on deck screens (+ still can beattap on gain)
- code cleanup / bugs addressed / bigger font sizes

Posted Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 5:51 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
-- 0.5 --
- FIX: pitch reset stills visible in mirrored stance
- FIX: holding stop-to-unload in jukeboxes set to 100ms
- FIX: key font clipping in key panel
- FIX: Effect button 2 not showing text
- FIX: browser: played song icon glitching over video icon
- hot cues monitor on jogwheel
- loop monitor on jogwheel
- new alternate art view on jogwheel
- persistent vu-meter scheme / wheel cover art
- can choose RPM in wheel sub menu
- can restore hidden song infos on the fly
- can flatten ui (++ buttons)
- can show EQ in videomixer
- big video mode in videomixer
- jogwheel can show video (WIP)
- filters in videomixer
- master effect in videomixer
- can load / save deck-sets
- song infos in jukeboxes
- remaining time blinks in jukeboxes
- waveview: perdeck: ear-line moved left
- waveview: perdeck: center improved (WIP)
- waveview: brightness dimmer
- legend in master's monitor
- big, much more clickable cues on songpos
- hot cues rightclick behavior redefined (click : goto | hold : delete)
- flattened transport lights off when deck is empty
- screen's key info remember it's state (independantly)
- every vertical vu-meter is clickable
- every vertical vu-meter follows color scheme
- beat grid adjusting buttons
- contrasted browser buttons when clicked / selected
- up to 4 master effects

Posted Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 5:52 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
-- 0.6 --
- FIX: left pitch reset button not lighting during motion reset
- skin remains its state through shutdowns / skin change (wip)
- 15 color schemes (wip)
- some controller options
- up to 10 saved loops
- jogwheel lights on when holding platter
- transport compact layout
- revamped loop panel with full loop selector
- genre year rating album on deck's screen
- topbar: clock: can show cpu percentage
- topbar: AC power monitor
- waveview: (all): gridlines settings
- songpos highly customizable
- stripe-able browser
- seamlessly integrated 4 decks swap version (wip)
- RMX2 controlled sidebars

Posted Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 5:53 am