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Topic: Ok, now explain this to me? [MAC]

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I have a connection from my iMac to my 32" LCD tv. I can see the sreen for the mac but I am trying to figure out, how do I get the videos to play on that screen. What am i missing or doing wrong?

Posted Fri 14 May 10 @ 12:22 am
In VDJ go to Config and then to the Video panel, from there find the drop down that says Window and select your graphics card in that dropdown, that will put VDJ full on the second monitor.

Posted Fri 14 May 10 @ 4:44 pm
I did that. Since I have a cable from my iMac directly to my LCD it shows the model number for that & I set that up but there is nothing.

Posted Fri 14 May 10 @ 5:35 pm
I dont own a Mac so I dont know if its the same, but have you "Extanded your Screen"? Ya know like own a PC you right click and then you click display settings.........just something I over looked myself.


Posted Fri 14 May 10 @ 7:07 pm
on my mac book pro - ive only plug in the Miniport - VGA adapter and connect this with the TV

Than i can choose my TV from the Dropdown in Config Video ..

Posted Wed 19 May 10 @ 2:53 am

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