VirtualDJ 7 - Sonique Visuals

Sonique is a PC video plugin which provides synchronised graphics that respond in the time to the music that you are playing.

This is particularly useful if you are video/karaoke DJ who is playing a mixture of video/audio/karaoke files, so that you don't have a blank screen when playing audio only.

NOTE: Sonique will only work on a Windows PC. It is not compatible with Apple Mac computers and there is currently no Mac alternative available at this time. The Clipbank plugin can be used to play looped visual video clips on a Mac.

To install/configure Sonique:

  • Make sure that you have registered your VirtualDJ Professional serial number. You will need to purchase and register the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to output full-screen video/karaoke and to be able to download the Sonique visual pack below.

  • Download the certified Sonique visuals pack.

  • Extract the Sonique .svp files to a suitable folder on your computer, e.g: My Documents\VirtualDJ\Sonique

  • In VirtualDJ, click on the EFFECTS tab, click on Video Effects and then choose Sonique in the list.

  • Click on the OPEN button and browse to the folder where you copied the Sonique plugins to.

  • Double-click on the first Sonique plugin in the folder.

  • Click ACTIVATE to activate the plugin.

  • Click on the SLIDESHOW button to activate the slideshow feature (This changes the Sonique plugin automatically to the next one after a set time.) Adjust the time slider to suit you preference.

  • To automatically enable Sonique when playing audio files, go to CONFIG -> Video tab and choose Sonique in the 'Use this plugin for audio-only files' box.

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