Controller Mapping files

The mapping files are standard XML files, and must be installed in the MyDocuments/VirtualDJ/Mappers/ folder on PC or /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ/Mappers/ on Mac.

Mapping files for the built-in (Native supported) controllers will only appear in this folder if they have been modified by the user via CONFIG -> Mappers in VirtualDJ.

The root element of the xml must be <mapper>, with these properties:
- device: unique string that identifies the controller, as used in the definition
- author: (optional) name of the author of this xml file
- description: (optional) alternative name of the controller to be shown in CONFIG -> Mappers
- version: the minimum version of VirtualDJ that the mapper is designed for (E.g: 702 = 7.0.2)
- date: the date when the mapper was created or last updated
- priority: (optional) gives the mapping a higher or lower priority over another mapping for the same controller, e.g: -1 is higher priority, 1 is lower

Each mapped button, knob, slider, etc. is defined by a <map> child item of the <mapper> element with the following properties:
- value: name of the button, knob, slider, etc. to map
- action: VDJscript action to perform when the button is pressed, knob is moved, etc.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mapper device="MYCONTROLLER" author="Me" description="My Controller" version="702" date="14/03/2011">
<map value="CUE" action="cue_stop" />
<map value="PLAY" action="play_pause" />
<map value="JOG" action="jogwheel" />
<map value="PITCH" action="pitch_slider" />

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