User Manual

Interface - Top section


At the very top of the software interface a menu is displayed which provides valuable information about the different aspects of VirtualDJ as well as controls to customize the layout and look.

  1. VirtualDJ Logo - The software logo is displayed on all skins

  2. Clock - Displays the current time (24hrs default). Clicking on the clock will cycle between 24 hour, 12 hour (am/pm) and a timer (stop watch).

  3. CPU Meter - Displays the CPU usage for all applications running at that time on your computer. Hovering the mouse over the CPU Meter will display information about the Sound card interface usage.

  4. Deck Layout - Click on the dropdown arrow to select how many decks you wish VirtualDJ to display (Two, Four, Six deck options are available as well as Tablet Mode with an option to show Some empty buttons.)

  5. Waveform Display Selector - Multiple Rhythm waveform displays can be selected by pressing this button. Selections include: Default Wave, Default Mirrored Wave and Horizontal Scratch Wave. An option to Show extra Gridlines is also included (See Waveform Display for more details.)

  6. Beat Keeper and Phase Indicator - The Beat keeper indicates on which beat of the 4 beat bar the track is on. On the sides, extra beat counters are offered based on the 16 beat phrase of each track.

  7. Master VU Meter - The VU Meter on the top shows the Volume Level of the Master Output*.

  8. Limiter - The Limiter* indicator shows if the signal of the Master Output is compressed or not. The Limiter indicator will glow red when the signal is compressed.

  9. Settings - Opens the settings menu of VirtualDJ

  10. Application Controls

    Minimize (-) will remove the application from the desktop but keep it active in the taskbar or dock.

    Maximize (+) offers 3 states:

    • Fully maximized: Application covers the whole screen
    • Semi-maximized: Application covers the whole screen, but leaves the bottom taskbar visible.
    • Windowed: Application is displayed in a smaller resizable and movable window

    Close (x) will close the application

* Note: Both Master VU and the Limiter indicator will not be available if an External Mixer Audio setup is selected (see Audio Setup). Rythym Wave