User Manual

Interface - Mixer


The SCRATCH Mixer offers mixing controls such as GAIN knobs, Volume Faders, Audio Crossfader and PFL selection buttons (see Audio Mixer) along with vertically scrolling waveforms and a center panel with specific features.


Displays useful information about the structure of the track (frequencies). Different colored variations are offered in Options





Per deck

Center Panel

Offers additional functions and controls that are exclusive to the Scratch Mixer:

Use the Zoom -/+ buttons or a mouse wheel to zoom in/out of the Waveform

Clone Deck
Click on the buttons to clone the left/right deck to the right/left one. If the cloned track is playing it will also play in the other deck completely synchronized

Slip Mode
Hot Cues, Loops and Scratching will only affect the position of the song temporarily and once disabled, the song will continue to play from the position it would have been if Slip Mode had never been enabled.

Enable Beatlock to keep a deck always synchronized with the other decks even if the pitch is changed or during scratching.

Mute Reverse
When enabled, the track will not be audible if scratched/moved backwards.

4 Deck


When a Line-In is available in the Audio Setup additional AUX panels will be offered in the Scratch Mixer to enable/disable auxiliary inputs. With a Line-In enabled, clicking on the REC button will record the file to memory and temporarily save it to the deck. Once a new file is loaded to the deck, the temporary recording will be erased.


When Timecode Inputs are available in the Audio Setup, additional Timecode panels will be offered in the Scratch Mixer to enable/disable timecode control for each deck. A quality meter offers information about the strength of the timecode signal. Timecode control is offered in the decks when using the 2 Deck Mixer.

Note: If both Timecode and Line-Ins are enabled in the Audio Setup, Timecode display will take priority and the Line-Ins will not be displayed. Master panel