User Manual

Interface - Decks - Advanced controls


VirtualDJ’s sound engine analyzes a song’s key and provides the ability to adjust the key up or down in semitones.

Clicking on the Key text will provide its value in 2 different views; Harmonic (03A) or Musical (A#m). Changing the key scale in the deck will also reflect the Key Field in the browser.

Harmonic Key Display
Musical Key Display

Clicking on the Key Match menu will provide the ability to change the key (listed in semitones). Click on the desired key to instantly change it.

Selecting Automatic Key Match from this menu will change the key by up to one semitone on the opposing deck when a track is loaded. If the track has a greater difference than one semitone, it will remain unaffected.

Once the key is changed in the deck, the new key value will be displayed on the deck and the difference (+/- semitone) will be displayed on the Key Match button.