User Manual

Interface - Database - Playlists


VirtualDJ will read the basic Crates (playlists) created in Serato software. Smart Crates (one's with filter criteria) will not be displayed, however. If filtering is required, a Filter Folder can easily be created as an alternative (see Filter Folders).

Crates cannot be renamed, moved, copied or deleted, however Batch operations are offered such as Add to Search DB, analyze, Load tags etc.

The Crates root element will not be offered if Serato software is not installed to your computer or if no crates have been created. Crates that are empty will not appear in VirtualDJ until content is added to the crate.

If your Serato folder is not in the default location or on an external drive, the file path can be defined in Options by entering the correct file path in seratoFolder.

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