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Virtual Folders are an alternative option to Playlists. The great advantage of using Virtual Folders instead of Playlists is that they are part of the VirtualDJ Database and get updated if any track is renamed, moved or deleted. A virtual folder contains a collection of shortcuts to the files and not the actual files themselves. Adding a file to a Virtual Folder will not move it from its original folder (path) as it contains only the paths of the files.

Click on the Virtual Folder button from the Side Toolbar to the left of the Folders List. A pop-up window will be displayed to type a name for the new Virtual Folder. Click OK and the Virtual Folder will be then displayed at the bottom of the Folders List.

If a Folder, a Favorite folder or another Virtual folder is in focus (highlighted) at the time of creation, the new Virtual folder will be nested inside that folder. Otherwise, the newly created Virtual folder will be added on the bottom of the Folders List.

Once a Virtual Folder is created, drag and drop any files from the File List over the Virtual folder, to add. Batch select files (using a mouse click + SHIFT or CTRL) to add files to the folder faster.
Virtual Folders can be dragged and moved to new positions in the Folders List and nested inside other folders. However, Virtual Folders cannot be nested in Filter Folders or Playlists (itunes, crates, etc).

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