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Topic: search_playlists mapping pop-up don't work anymore on new laptop

I migrated to a new laptop. So probably that's the reason.
Mapped keybord "Z" search_playlists. When on song I hit Z and pop-up shows where it is in a playlist and or history. That's how it worked on the old laptop.
On the new laptop it don't work anymore.

One strange thing, where it works 1 time. When i load a playlist and edit song tags, remove year and let vdj search discogs to update tags. Hit Z and then it suddenly works like discriped as above. Only one time, when I close the popup and retry it does not work again. Also not after restart vdj.

Many thanks for help! Really miss this function!!

Posted 2 days ago @ 6:03 pm
There's a setting that caused key mapping to be unreliable for me too. Try turning bowserserchbyfirstletter off.
If you have that enabled and have a song in focus in the browser then the mapped key won't work.

Posted 2 days ago @ 6:48 pm
Thank you so much!!! :-D
Indeed, that's the solution!!

Posted 2 days ago @ 8:07 pm