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Topic: VDJ and Neutron 4 Plugin, A Match Made in Heaven
ZiglarPRO InfinityMember since 2011
So I have been testing a trail version of Neutron 4 for music production and decided to run the master output of VDJ through the VST and boy does it sound good. I used the "Acoustic Snappy Plucky Bass " Preset and it really does a very nice job of giving the sound more punch while shaping the transients very nicely.

It Does trigger the VDJ limiter in default mode so you will have to provide some headroom and set your Zero DB to -9db (without loosing dynamic range). Since neutron 4 shapes the sound automatically, even the software effects of vdj sound crisp and clean. everything sound refreshing.

The downside will be the steep price of the plugin(you can opt for "rent to own" using splice) and the fact that you need a capable laptop to run it. My M1 pro breezes it flawlessly with vdj running stems and 4 decks.
Maybe the dev team can take a look at what this brings to the table and see if it can be implemented into vdj since sound and fx processing have been one of the reasons vdj users switch to other software.

Posted Fri 17 Mar 23 @ 11:46 am