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Topic: Add the ability to stream AMAZON MUSIC UNLIMITED.
I saw a new controller that is shipping with the ability to stream AMAZON MUSIC UNLIMITED, so it must be possible to do just like Tidal, etc.

Posted Thu 17 Nov 22 @ 5:48 pm
The two new Denon DJ controllers have special hardware chips embedded (at Amazon's request) that allow use of Music Unlimited. Those chips are not fitted to anything else.

Posted Thu 17 Nov 22 @ 7:24 pm
Hey GroovinDJ,

where did you get that information? Can you give the reference, please?
I'd like to understand why there is a special hardware chip needed. I mean, you can listen to amazon music unlimited on any PC/Mac using their clients. I don't get, why there should be any hardware needed to make it - from a technically point only - work with VDJ.

I would understand other reasons like expensive licences to integrate with VDJ or just "it isn't on the roadmap" etc.

Cheers Jochen

Posted Sat 19 Nov 22 @ 7:59 am
It's generally available. The written product reviews mention it, video reviews mention it. Denon DJ have stated it on their forum.

Posted Sat 19 Nov 22 @ 8:53 am
I found what you're are talking about. Maybe it's helpful for this post to put those links here:
Mojaxx talk about a DRM chip: https://youtu.be/UGoXo8ofuiU?t=837
Discussion on Denon Forum about the topic: https://community.enginedj.com/t/announcing-the-sc-live-2-and-sc-live-4-standalone-controllers-w-built-in-speakers-amazon-music-integration/45199/3

There is an update to the FAQ mentioned in den Denon Post, which states "Not at this time" for the question, if Amazon Music will come to other EngingOS devices. So maybe there is hope. But first let's wait for EngingOS 2.3.3 coming to other devices. Maybe it will be included.

But as I said before: Regarding a PC or Mac, there can't be any technical limit, since amazon music playes on those devices already using their clients. Mobile devices don't have that DRM chip either and are able to play. So I, but this is only my personal opinion, do not believe in that hardware DRM chip story. But who knows ;-)

Maybe, the EngineOS-guys wait with upgrades to 2.3.3 on other devices to make the feature unique on the SC-series for some time. If it will be available on any older devices like the Prime-Series sometimes, the hardware DRM stuff was just a marketing gag.

Posted Sat 19 Nov 22 @ 9:26 am
Thanks to all for the responses

Posted Sun 20 Nov 22 @ 12:00 am
Would be interesting to get an opinion from the official VDJ guys on that topic ;-)
Is Amazon Music Unlimited on some roadmap for VDJ?

Posted Sun 20 Nov 22 @ 10:33 am