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Topic: bug when i use SoundCloud songs wont load (sometimes tidal)
i have tidal and soundcloud and tidal and when i use soundcloud theres a load error when i try to load a song up .
with tidal when im playing a song the song stops sometimes . my download speed is 100mbps


Posted 7 days ago @ 7:23 pm
djcrossfade1200 wrote :
theres a load error

What exactly does the message say?

I rarely get problems (streamed yesterday for 3 hours using Tidal and every track loaded & played) but sometimes a track doesn't load because it's unavailable from the original location.

In other words the track will still be available from the service, but not from that exact listing. If you search for it and re-add it from another location (album/playlist etc) it'll work.


Posted 6 days ago @ 11:10 am
load error

Posted 2 days ago @ 11:21 pm