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Topic: Add a warning Pop-Up when deleting a custom mapping
Would love to have a warning Pop-Up when attempting to delete a custom mapping.

Are you sure you want to Delete the Mapping "MY CUSTOM MAP" ?

Since the [X], to close the mapping window, is close to the [X] which deletes the current custom mapping, I have deleted a cherished, custom mapping, more then once when in hurry. Which I would catch, that I clicked the wrong [X], if, there was a warning Pop-up.

(one can get back the deleted Mapping, by restoring it from Win recycle bin and restarting VDJ, if one realizes it quickly)

Can this be addressed, with custom mod of the skin? If so, which lines in the default Pro skin address this action. (even changing the L-click for the delete [X] to "nothing", and rightclick to the action that deletes.. would work)

Posted Thu 06 Jan 22 @ 11:40 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006

Posted Fri 07 Jan 22 @ 5:39 am
Perfect ! . Thank you .. I enabled the Win 10 confirmation.. :)

Posted Fri 07 Jan 22 @ 5:59 am