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Topic: Virtual DJ problem with last update (Mac OS 10.15.7)
TSEDJPRO InfinityMember since 2015
after the update nothing works anymore. Until then, never had any problems.
I can only see the top menu bar, where only "Settings" and "Exit" are displayed. When you clicked on "Settings", the window with the video tutorials was displayed, exit without function. Otherwise no display, no window, simply nothing to see.
The trigger is: BUILD 6747-Fix VirtualDJ not opening on older mac after updating to macOS 10.15.7
Tried to install an older version, deleted settings, but without success.
So the fix did exactly the opposite for me.

Up until now I had always smirked about the problems that were circulating here, until then I was always spared, but at some point everyone will be caught. I think I'm not alone with this and hope for the next update.

Greetings to everyone, Markus

Posted Sat 20 Nov 21 @ 5:33 pm
I have the same problem. so sad

Posted 6 days ago @ 8:02 pm
I reformat my MacBook totally as in erase everything and start as new. then I install the new version of virtual dj all is working fine. after one day there is pop up on my if I need to update I click yes and after that it happen again the same problem. I'm sick of reformat again my MacBook.

Posted 6 days ago @ 8:06 pm