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Topic: Tags are not updated automatically after a re-read ...
AlhifiPRO InfinityMember since 2015
Hi everyone,

aktuelly I have a little problem. I organize all my MP3-files with the software MP3Tag, works fine and saves a lot of time. I only use ID3V2.3 UTF-16, every other format is deleted in the file. Until here everything works fine too. All files are in the database of VDJ ...

Now I have changed some little things in the notation and after that I told VDJ to read the tags again ... but nothing changed in VDJ. When I open the tag editor of VDJ it shows the following (as an example)

The "D'An" was the first notation, the " de An" is the new one. For me it looks that VDJ has recognized the change or maybe it only shows it in the tag editor.

How can I tell VDJ to read the new notation and put it into his database automatically ???

Bye and thanks

Posted Wed 09 Jun 21 @ 10:59 pm
click the up arrow in the tag editor (below the name field).

Or in browser, select multiple files, right-click selection and choose "batch=> reload tags"

Posted Wed 09 Jun 21 @ 11:01 pm