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Topic: Storing settings in a cloud shared location to sync and access from 2 PCs
MiloszDJControlleristMember since 2016
I submitted a ticket and got the info how to transfer Virtual DJ to a different PC:

HOWEVER, I just want to be able to setup my settings on my normal PC with big monitor and keyboard etc. and then for them to be automatically accessable for my Laptop which has connected controller.

However, this presumes just moving setting files into the same location of system files on a C drive or particular system drive.
So I can't store them in a common shared location (ie. Google Drive, OneDrive synced folder etc). I would have to copy setting files form one PC to system location on C drive of second PC every time I want to play on the second PC.

Is there a file or property setting where I can change the file location and tell Virtual DJ where to look for settings (Hotcues and Virtual Folders) ?
So I can place it in my synced cloud folder and tell each Virtual Dj copy where to look for them each time I open the program?
(thank you for reading)

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 9:09 am
For Windows OS you can move the entire "VirtualDJ" folder from Documents to any location you prefer and change the only registry key VirtualDJ 8 is using:

Set this key to point on your new path and you're set.

PS: Please DO NOT move your home folder on a different drive than C:

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 9:24 am
I have my home folder on my SSD (D drive) and it works perfectly.

Why do you say that George?

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 9:29 am
Yes it works.
But moving the home folder outside C: drive can cause confusion with the database portable system.

We usually say that the database for all drives but C is located on the root of the drive under "VirtualDJ" folder.
However that's not the case when the home folder is on D drive. Now the database on D drive is located wherever you put your home folder.
Also that database does not store information only about media files stored on D drive. This database now stores information for BOTH, media on D drive and media on any other removable / read-only drive, internet cached files e.t.c.

There's no problem with software functionality. But in case of support and in case you need to backup/migrate your system things become more complicated.
That's why we advise to keep the "Home Folder" inside the C: drive.

PS: I also moved my home folder on D: drive. But I did it with a trick that allows VirtualDJ to behave the same way as if it was on C: drive
As far as VirtualDJ is concerned, home folder is on C. But on C I made a junction to a folder on D: ;)

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 10:29 am
OK, makes sense.

I only have one database, so all I did was change the file path to D and change all my history and playlists the same. I also created a registry key to change the home folder to D on any machine I use so I can take the same drive with me everywhere.

The best thing about this way is you always have your latest work flow with you and you don't need to sync across machines.

I agree it's not for the average user though.

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 10:55 am
MiloszDJControlleristMember since 2016
PhantomDeejay wrote :
change the only registry key VirtualDJ 8 is using:

Set this key to point on your new path and you're set.

Thank you very much, it works perfect to some extend, I can see even 'last played' synced on my laptop and PC,
HOWEVER the Hot Cues don't sync and must be stored somewhere else locally, they disappear after changing the path, even if i move the same HomeFolder somwhere else (E drive in my case). As I said everything else seems to sync.

Posted Fri 08 Feb 19 @ 11:29 am
The hot cues are stored in the database.xml file in the home folder (unless the files are on an external drive where the drive has it's own separate database)

Posted Fri 08 Feb 19 @ 12:17 pm
And of course the media files must be on the EXACT same location on both PC's

If you're using your system's 'Music' folder to store your music then pay attention to the following details:

'Music', 'Desktop', 'Documents', 'Pictures' & 'Videos' folders on windows are all special folders.
Their "true" (physical) location is inside the C:\Users\UsersUsername folder.
This means that for 2 different users on the same computer, or 2 different user accounts on different computers the files stored inside those 'special' folders DON'T have the same filepath!
VirtualDJ uses the full filename as the primary key for its database in order to determine whether or not a track is known and load the appropriate data for it (BPM, Autogain, Key, hotcues e.t.c.)

If the filepaths are different there's a good chance that VirtualDJ will treat the file as new.

Now, VirtualDJ's has more than one databases.
There's one database on your 'VirtualDJ' home directory that's responcible for all media files on C: drive, and there 's also one database inside "VirtualDJ" folder on the root of every other writeable drive (e.g. D:\VirtualDJ'database.xml)
These "other" databases hold information for the media files stored on the corresponding drive.

Depending on where your media files are located, you must ensure that you sync all databases in order to see the changes from one computer to another.

It is NOT a good idea to have the 2 computers that sync over cloud running VirtualDJ at the same time.
VirtualDJ does NOT update nor read its database files in real time. It rather cashes the changes and saves them when there are enough data to store.
For most cases, consider that VirtualDJ saves its databases when you exit the program.
This means that if you run VirtualDJ at the same time on 2 computers that sync over cloud, when you exit the program on both you'll end up with conflicted copies of your files, which is not a good thing.

Posted Fri 08 Feb 19 @ 2:00 pm
I have Virtual DJ 8 Running on both my home Mac and a Mac laptop.

If I make changes to something in VDJ on my laptop does it automatically sync up to my home Mac? Like adding music or renaming folders, etc

Posted Sun 26 Apr 20 @ 1:27 pm
If your using iCloud or a similar cloud based storage option then yes. It should.

Posted Sun 26 Apr 20 @ 1:56 pm