Hi there...
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I've been DJ for over a decade, starting out at regular decks and turntables, and later converted to digital djing somewhere down the line..

I work as a proffesional DJ at clubs around Europe, and here is some stuff about the DJ side of me :

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deathsquadktown wrote on Mon 24 Jul 17
so, im DJ Greentongue. i may have registered wrong...
I am requesting to be a broadcaster on Virtual DJ Radio. i Have Virtual DJ 8 pro infinity. A Numark Mix track 3. A Hercules DJ Control instinct. I subscribe to content unlimited as well as Groove music. I had my own music podcast on Spreaker as well as well as Fizzbutton.Net. I produce my own music using Ableton live 9 suit, Max 7, MPC studio. I use an Akai Apc key 25, Yamaha PSR 170 as a midi to connect my Elektron SIDSTATION, MPC studio Black, BM 800 microphone with a Xenyx 802 pre amp and of course Virtual DJ 8 for my mixing as well as after effects and video editing(Movavi as well).
I would like to spin at least once a week as a broadcaster Live. I would also like to use the broadcasting tool to help expand my Brand.
I spin EDM and Hip-Hop. what ever is hot right now, but i definitely like to go old school and not main stream just as much.
i would also like to play original music by unsigned or underground artists that are part of my online community.
My email is
i do have an MSN account but the email is my non active that i use for sign ins.
I am From the United States of America (New Hampshire)
Mystyle is : EDM/Hip-Hop
louloukupcake wrote on Mon 24 Jul 17
Hello I would like to apply to broadcast my music on the radio Virtual DJ.
My country is: France.
My email is
My style of music is: dance / electro house
djrambouk wrote on Tue 21 Mar 17
Hey man. your the best! Much respect :)
Bongocero wrote on Mon 13 Mar 17
Hi, i'm Bongocero from Germany, pro user and my regular E-Mail is
And Now? I'm allready registered at VDJ-Radio-sit as Bongocero, too
How can i Start up now? My Music is Latin& International Genres like Salsa, Bachata, Latin House, Pop, Rock, etc. For this i will to introduce my new site :-) Don't laugh ... it's only a test until today. Ihope when i am fied up i during the next weeks it will rum well for all
Judas718 wrote on Wed 16 Nov 16
can you do more videos please
maxicomm wrote on Sat 08 Oct 16
Hi Norman. I'm Maxine. I was trying to apply to be a Radio DJ but the site won't let me post details. Is there another way? Thank you
user9505105 wrote on Sun 02 Oct 16
Hello such friend my name is Richard
help me have a problem when wanting to download your file link
WANT tells me that option: Your current licenses do not allow you to download Controllers
You could give me the files to another page to download
my e-mail is and I am from Mexico 900 Nx Pioneer cabin and I can not take their potential as not handle it with Virtual Dj help me please
DJ GROOVES wrote on Fri 12 Aug 16
im trying to apply to dj on vdj radio where do i apply?
CRUVIAL wrote on Mon 23 May 16
Hi there!!
Excuse me bro, can I ask you something?
How can I do for use to, some video transitions on my macbook?
thank you so much.
Regards form Mexico.
jbezz wrote on Tue 09 Feb 16
Hi,I see that there is an update to the "My Library" add-on! Can you please tell me what has changed?
LuisXL wrote on Fri 29 Jan 16
Hi homie. Happy New Year.
Just purchased the VDJ8 Infinitty license a week ago. I┬┤ll mess around when I can. Take care. LuisXL
bradley1961 wrote on Wed 23 Dec 15
howdy gang, dj bradley1961 here. i just purchased unlimited content for virtual dj version 7.4.2 for $9.99 BUT CANNOT FIND ANY link, how to access, etc. HELP!!!
Pacifique231 wrote on Tue 22 Sep 15
Hej Norge !!!! Jeg ar venner i Norge ....I'm just new for asking to be a ''Virtual'' Dj, I asked it in French (were I'm) ....I know I must be Patient, but I 'm so happy to join You. Hope to you'll enjoy my Programms set down tentatively @ By By med min mange Tak. Yves (Pacifique231)
DJSPICEKORI wrote on Tue 08 Sep 15
Hello Norway. I'm full blooded Norwegian but born and raised in.Washington state. I have been a dj for 18 years. Droppin in to say hello norski