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Radio PlanetNetwork Srl wrote on Sat 10 Feb 18
Vorrei sapere se il controller pionner ddj rzx può essere configurato con virtual dj 8 pro infinity
A Man and His Music wrote on Sun 27 Mar 16
Sorry guys, I'm not ignoring you, I just never come to my home page. Thanks for the kind words, and for following. The pic is of my first granddaughter, who will be 11 (damn I'm old), which is a good thing. If you need help, please go to the forum, where your problem can be seen by many, offering you a better chance of having it solved. If it's something personal, PM me. Have a great day and Happy Easter.
user12904375 wrote on Sat 26 Mar 16
hi. reference my problem with my wego that was freezing when i scratched vigourously...I increased the wego's midi sending interval and the scratching problem was solved. But NOOWWW, the software AND the wego are still freezing after an hour of play. Every single time. One hour----FREEZE. I cant interact with the wego or the vdj8. I must turn them off. What do you think is the problem here because again, needless to say, it would be verrry embarrasing to have to cut off the music and everything every hour in a party. Please help. Ive optimized my pc(windows 10) and done everything else possible to try and figure out why it freezes every hour. My latency is on Automatic(256). I also clicked "APPLY" to activate my weg software. So I'm really stumped as to what to do to cause it not to freeze on the hour every hour!! PLease help.
VirtualBartje wrote on Thu 10 Mar 16
Wauw what a set up (in 2007??!!?)...brilliant name too.
As you can see I am.as new as posible. Compared to you I feel like a baby.
I am A Man in Love with my Music and signed up hoping to learn from someone nice enough, willing to pass on because you share that love and gets what the fuk I meant...so following you seemed like a good ideA. I hope you don't mind that and still active in VDJing. Maybe you are interested in sharing knowledge some tips & tricks with Bartje from the Netherlands and I have more questions and needs for advice , .
O.T. : And yes that seriously is the cutest, beatifull, friendly looking child I ever recall seeing this life. If that's your daugther I compliment you...angel man....you must be blessed or something, and so I must be right and at the right adres
I hope you are willing to put me on tracks....or at least pick up pace on the way up there to score the goal in and with work, on the pitch I prefer to play on with the favourite ball I love most, MUSIC!! A good start is half the work!! If i dont shoot I won't score
so if you're still checking this page or not futuremusic
tommyd5 wrote on Thu 20 Nov 14
is selectatrac good and reputable
NashvilleSound wrote on Mon 07 Jul 14
See. I was right. Loook how many issues there are with 8. Still not downloading.
Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
DJReuben wrote on Fri 25 Nov 11
Congrats on making Mod. Haven't been on lately due to work (real job, the one that supports my DJ habit).
jusblaze246 wrote on Thu 22 Sep 11
thanks again bud...sry for the type o's.......lolol...and IT is my field!....lolol = (
jusblaze246 wrote on Thu 22 Sep 11
AMAHM....good advise....I didnt even think about the longer search and load times that moving the file could cause...Thanks for the heads up!....See you're already earning that new MOD staus!....lololol....Keep spinnin guys...... =D......btw if thats a pic of u....damn cutest Dj i ever saw!........no shit, cute kid,..u should b proud..........What piece of hardware do u gig with the most often?......RMX, mixtrack, dennon?....jus curious to soak up knowledge...feel me......b easy jake =D
WJOE Productions wrote on Thu 25 Aug 11
I did what Andrew87 suggested and my Virtual DJ Pro 7 works know that I upgraded to 7.05. The one that I purchased from you didn't work. Same for my two friend that purchased them at the convention. I guess that batch was bad.
JimmyL-DJ wrote on Fri 12 Aug 11
Nice talking with you at the Expo. Sorry the Casbah didn't have an O'Douls for ya. And aren't you glad you stayed for Roonie G's set?
chucknorrisyouwimps wrote on Fri 05 Aug 11
congrats on making moderator !
Deejay Corny wrote on Wed 08 Jun 11
Thanx for watching out for me!