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 Prelisten mapping

Fri 18 Mar 16 @ 10:14 am

Sometimes I have to prelisten through a lot of new songs and decide which one to keep and which one to delete.
Usually I'll do this during the time to and off from work in the train so I only got my laptop.
My laptop has a Numpad which comes in very handy here. With the following mapping I'm able to prelisten very fast many songs, delete them or sort them into some virtual folders.

So here we go:

I've mapped the down and up arrow as the following:

browser_window 'songs' ? browser_scroll +1 & load & play & song_pos 25% : browser_scroll +1
browser_window 'songs' ? browser_scroll -1 & load & play & song_pos 25% : browser_scroll -1

Explanation: With the down/ up arrow key you are able to select the next track in the browser's song list and directly load it into the deck and jump to position 25% of the track. For a lot of genres this is enough to skip the intro and be right in the track. If the focus is not in the songs list, just scroll up or down 1 entry.

Left/ right arrow keys:

play ? goto -4 : goto -0.01
play ? goto +4 : goto +0.01

Explanation: If the track is playling jump 4 beats, if not playing jump 0.01 beats. Note: I don't think it will really jump 0.01 beats but the smallest value VDJ is able to jump. I use this small number in combination with the Enter-Key to set the beatgrid.

Enter key on numpad:

play ? pause & beat_tap & play : beat_tap

Explanation: Adjust the Beatgrid. Tap once and the grid gets adjusted according to the BPM. Tap mulitple times and you are able to manually beat tap the track.

Del-Key on Numpad:

browser_file_color 'red'

Explanation: The currently selected track gets the color red. That means it is marked as "to be deleted". VDJ currently doesn't provide a method to directly delete a track phyically with only the keyboard. That is the reason for this workaround.
You have to create a filter folder with the action: color = red
Now you are able to mark all tracks in this filter folder, rightclick -> file operations -> delete, and gone they are.

Plus button on Numpad:

browsed_file_color 'reset'

Explanation: Resets the file color. If you accidentally marked a track to delete or if you just changed your mind and now want to keep the track

Number keys on Numpad

virtualfolder_add 'House' & goto_last_folder

Explanation: Adds the selected track to a virutalfolder. In this case the 'House' folder. The action 'goto_last_folder' is needed because VDJ would jump to the 'House' virtual folder and you would have to navigate back to the folder you are currently previewing tracks. Adding goto_last_folder solves this problem. I've got some more actions on the other number keys, but that is up to you want you want.

Regular number keys:

hot_cue X

where X is the number key

Explanation: Just set a hotcue with the button

ALT+Number key:

delete_cue X

where X is the Cue to delete

Explanation: Deletes a set Cue point

And that's it. Works for me. If you have any questions post it on my wall.