George124 was born and raised in Piraeus in 1973. At the age of 15 years old he impressed of the radio and started his first radio shows at home making at his own his first transmitter. The big love for the radio make him study electronic radio engineer and he took his diploma at 1991. After the army he worked in several radio stations like A18 87,5fm Radio Greece and in Demotic Radiostation of Eleusina 98,15fm. Coincidentally he did not stop casually doing his own radio shows at home. In 1995 he started join psychedelic parties that where taking place in several clubs and open air like Alsos, Battery, Camel, +Soda, Alimos, Varibobi, etc. and then he discovered that except radioshows he liked psychedelic trance music. When the things got harder with the FM he decided to do his...

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