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Topic: someone live in creta?

This topic is old and might contain outdated or incorrect information.

I will be in creta for holiday in the next week.. someone dj live in this island?

Best regards to all

dj Ramirez

Posted Sun 08 Jun 03 @ 10:43 pm
all this years in this forum i didnt met someone from Crete.Anyway its a lovely place for vacations so i wish you the best in that island and drink a lot of tsikudia:) if you dont know what it is you will learn there for sure:)

Posted Mon 09 Jun 03 @ 9:34 pm
mixalisPRO InfinityMember since 2003
There is someone from Crete. He owns a bar or something like that. We had a talk few months ago, but i lost any other contact.

Posted Mon 09 Jun 03 @ 11:07 pm
well i will drink tsikudia????? mah!!!
many thank's for the infos..
bye from Djramirez

Paolo ita.

Posted Tue 10 Jun 03 @ 12:12 am
kas9406Home userMember since 2003
HEEEEEEyyy i m from CRETE!!!!!!!!!where u gonna live in crete?/?
creta -mallia -hersonisos the BEST craziest nights like "ibiza" BUT """better"""!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Wed 18 Jun 03 @ 4:22 pm
kas9406Home userMember since 2003
much much better than ibiza......

Posted Wed 18 Jun 03 @ 4:23 pm

i comeback in italy... the shortholiday is finish...
for kas9406 i was esactly near hersonisos 4 km in a zorbas club....Hersonisos it's very very good in a day but the nightlife is much much better!!!
Ps Tsikoudia is very strong for me...



Posted Sun 22 Jun 03 @ 4:50 pm
kas9406Home userMember since 2003
hehe, tsikoudia is nice!two-three of them and u are High for all night :P .
if u were in crete and u didnt go in Malia ...GO BACK! :P
im glad u had a nice time here! see ya ..!

Posted Sun 22 Jun 03 @ 5:37 pm

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