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Topic: Don’t understand pricing
mccw12Home userMember since 2021
I DJ only at home. Not pro by any means. Does that mean I can download full version for free. I have ddj 400

Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 6:53 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
to use the ddj400, [as a home gamer] you would need a home plus licence as minimum.
listed as £90 here.

word of warning, a home plus licence really only 'lives' as long as you have that type of device and only works with that device. So it's a cheaper option in the short term, but if/when you want to use a different device it would require a new licence.

a full pro licence on the other hand, is a greater initial outlay but will work with [more or less] any device, past, present or future.

Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 7:42 am
HeltinoPRO InfinityMember since 2020
As mentioned already, you need to purchase a license.
Question is just what suits you best.
In my point of view the Infinity Pro (one time purchase) is the only license that makes sense if you plan to DJ on a long run with hardware changes during the years and the wish to be as flexible as possible.
The subscription is, at least for me, just a variant of a longer test period in case 30 days is not enough for you.
Just due to the fact, that the infinity is very speedy cheaper. (19 per month vs. 299 = after 15 month, not even 1.5 years, you are cheaper with the one time purchase)

What I don´t understand is why you don´t understand the pricing. It is well and detailed descriped on the web site?

Your used hardware requires, regardless if you use VDJ in public, professional or in private a license.
Just the home plus has the limitation, that it will work with your controller (and only with this) for private use and is not allowed for professional use (earning money). And this is as well very clear stated in the licencing overview that you can find here https://www.virtualdj.com/products/virtualdj/price.html.

So in a nutshell: What question is not answered there or what information is unclear so that we can help you out? I´m always happy to help out, but I don´t get the question as it is all on one overview vissible.

Posted Tue 06 Apr 21 @ 9:52 pm