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Topic: trying to get 3 colors for a pad based on action
I've got a button that works fine, using the holding script -

holding ? stem_pad 'bass' & stem_pad 'instru' & stem_pad 'kick' & stem_pad 'hihat' : stem_pad 'vocal'

press it = take out vocal stem
hold it = take out all the instrumental

just trying to get the color to change based on the mode...so for example

stem_pad 'bass' & stem_pad 'instru' & stem_pad 'kick' & stem_pad 'hihat - the color will be blue

stem_pad 'vocal' - the color is violet

and then when neither are active it's red

seems easy...sorry if it's covered somewhere else. Whenever I search VDJ it says to refine my search..but then I refine it too much and can't find anything!

lol thanks in advance

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 6:30 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
It's not so hard
when editing pads there is a tab named "color" just script
stem_pad 'vocal' ? color violet : color blue
and the pad itself : you can try things like this
holding ? stem_pad isolate vocal : stem_pad vocal

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 7:49 am