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Topic: Virtual DJ 2021is crashing my mac Big Sur 11.1
I recently downloaded the latest version of Virtual DJ 2021 Build b6156 on my mac running Big Sur 11.1. It keeps crashing mac every time I close the app. It is also crashing when I click 'yes' on the dialog box that asks if it should load the menus for the new version. Is there another build or version compatible with Big Sur?

Posted Mon 21 Dec 20 @ 5:55 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006

Posted Mon 21 Dec 20 @ 6:09 pm

Closing VDJ 2021 b6242 consistently crashes macOS Big Sur 11.1 on a Mac mini 2018.

It does not matter what sound card I use. The one from the Mac mini or the one from the Thunderbolt Display or an external one.
Reinstalling VDJ does not help.
Deleting the /Documents/VirtualDJ folder does not help

This is very annoying.

Posted Wed 13 Jan 21 @ 5:12 pm