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Topic: Looking for VDJ compatible multitouch / touch strip controller
ZabieHome userMember since 2020
Dear VirtualDJ community,
(former) Traktor user here who is trying out VDJ and is thinking about switching to the Pro Version of VDJ. I’d also like to add a touch strip controller to my new setup. Why? Because I like to jump between different effect or eq parameters with just a single finger tip (custom buttons are not what I am looking for).

I saw that VDJ already supports some touch strip controllers like the Stantons SCS.3 System, but several VDJ users seemed to have problems with the mapping (see: ). There’s also a mapping for the Keith McMillen QuNeo, but I heard that it's hard/complex to map(?). I didn’t find any mapping for Native Instruments Maschine Jam, though.

So can anyone recommend a touch strip controller to me that supports multitouch and can be easily mapped to VDJ? (It can also be one of the above mentioned controllers). Do (these) touch strip controllers have a big latency?

Thanks in advance,

Posted Sun 22 Nov 20 @ 3:32 pm
as an add-on or extra controller?

Many main controllers already have touch strip at the decks, but I guess you might mean extra controller.
Perhaps something like Korg nanoPad would be of interest, both performance pads and a touch pad (YX) suitable for effect params, etc (and already ready for VirtualDJ, supported)

Pioneer XP1 and XP2 also have a strip and more...

The Stanton thread you referred to is 10 years old.
And was ended with the user saying he just changed midi channel "and it works perfectly" (see bottom)
So perhaps that also works well but I have never tried it

Posted Sun 22 Nov 20 @ 6:52 pm

Posted Sun 22 Nov 20 @ 6:54 pm
ZabieHome userMember since 2020
Thanks a lot!
I saw that one user said he managed to solve the problem with Stanton SCS System, yet there are many users on other sites including YouTube who still (?) seem to have problems. Well, I'll probably just take one of these and try out myself!

Posted Mon 23 Nov 20 @ 6:10 pm

Posted Mon 23 Nov 20 @ 8:41 pm