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Topic: Alert Message when add duplicates track in to playlist..
ymed85PRO InfinityMember since 2020
Please insert a alert message when adding a track already present in the playlist

exemple message:
There are duplicates being added to the playlist. Would you like to add duplicates or skip them?


Posted Thu 06 Aug 20 @ 11:25 pm
Yvan JPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Totally agree on this

Posted Fri 07 Aug 20 @ 7:45 am
Gute Idee
Das gleiche auch bei "bereits gespielten"
Diese Funktion sollte aber in den Optionen einstellbar sein.

Gruß Jürgen

Posted Fri 07 Aug 20 @ 9:18 am
Would be a nice and hopefully easy to implement feature, just like Spotify (and probably some of the other streaming services).

Posted Fri 07 Aug 20 @ 3:31 pm
Great idea.

Posted Wed 12 Aug 20 @ 5:20 pm
Keep in mind at a traditional playlist a user might want to have song several times.
Its an ordered list, and a theme song might be wanted to play both early night and late, or specific intervals etc etc.
Perhaps meant most as short specific sets, and not large "collections" of files, where its easy to also spot if its a double, as well as remove double in sidelist on use
They are plain text files, and might be worth considering the other type of playlist below if you are not out for a specific order or song.

Could use modern playlists instead (Virtual Folders/"crates"), where you can not add a song twice.
Since its meant for collections, not as ordered lists. To organize your music, in categories and logic of choice.
Other advantage of such playlists is also that they are database driven.

Posted Mon 07 Sep 20 @ 6:02 pm